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New SCons release 1.3.0.d20100505 is now available

Posted: 2010-05-05, 21:18
by Carsten
Hi all,

good news for everyone who was recently compiling Cafu on Windows amd64 systems with SCons 1.3:
A new version has been released on May 1st! It contains a number of fixes that should help with all related problems. :cheesy: :wohow:

In summary, everyone who had troubles in the past, please:
  • install the new SCons release 1.3.0.d20100505 from,
  • make sure you use the latest Cafu source code (at least r49, better r68 (uploaded today), or even better SVN head),
  • then recompile.
It should work out-of-the-box (just as documented) - otherwise, if there are still problems, please let me know so that we can identify and fix them. :up: