A noob Needs a lot of help

Get technical support about the C++ source code and about Lua scripts for maps, entities, GUIs, the console, materials, etc. Also covered are the Cafu libraries and APIs, as well as compiling, linking, and the build system.
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A noob Needs a lot of help

Post by Siber » 2011-09-24, 21:09

I'm going to be really annoying right now....
I know for a fact a lot of you will hate me for this...
I don't care
If you don't want to help... don't
If your kind and helpful, Say what you know to help me...

OK glad I have got that cleared up.
Time to be a noob

I need help with coding my game there is abosultly hundred of things i need to get coded but i wont list them all, only the most important ones to me.
As you are now assuming, im pretty S**t at coding and programming and thats why im asking for your help with this:

1. How do I edit the main menu (Look Wise) To look original?
2. What weapons are currently working in the pre-made death-match and how do I edit/create new weapons (Modelling is being taken care of)
3. I want to code a sniper rifle to have a zoom-in feature, how would i go about doing so?
4. How could I have it so after a game of death match it turns into a game of capture the flag and then back again and so forth?
5. How could I make a capture the flag game-type?
6. Not a question But a pre-emtive thank you to your help if you choose to do so :cheesy:
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Re: A noob Needs a lot of help

Post by Carsten » 2011-09-25, 20:13

Hi Siber,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

Well, your questions are difficult to answer, as they're very "broad" in topic and it seems that you're not very familiar with programming in general in Cafu in particular.

The best answer and suggestion that I can give right now is that you familiarize yourself with programming in C++ on your favorite platform, and that you study the Cafu live demo and the documentation.
See the navigation bar at the top of each Cafu website for plenty of links for getting started.

If then you still have questions that are not covered by the documentation, don't hesitate to bring them up again here -- we'll be able to give you much better and more detailed help on specific problems. :up:
Best regards,
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