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Add new weapon

Posted: 2012-02-03, 15:08
by Sebapugliese
Hello it`s my Sebastian.
I want to add a new model of weapon, as I do???. I've seen a bit of code and my attention weapon.cpp file, this is a template file to integrate a new weapon???, Or are the files "cw_weapon_name.cpp" and files "weapon_weapon_name.cpp" which would be amended to add a new model of weapon, the weapon slot that handles file. Thanks for your help

Re: Add new weapon

Posted: 2012-02-05, 19:52
by Carsten
Hi Sebastian,

well, adding a new weapon requires adding both the "world model", which is what you see in the levels before you walk over it to pick it up, as well as adding anything that is needed when the player is actively carrying the weapon.

I suggest you look at the source code of an existing weapon as an example, which should give you a good and detailed idea about adding your own.

For example, for the shotgun, in Games/DeathMatch/Code, look at:


(Search these files for the term "shotgun" to find the relevant lines of code.)