New, can I make a game?

A forum about everything related to the Cafu World Editor CaWE: mapping, editing, scripting, making GUIs and fonts, using the BSP, PVS and Light compilers.
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Mike JezZ
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New, can I make a game?

Post by Mike JezZ » 2006-03-06, 10:17


I have looked at this engine, and it looks nice.
I got some questions, before I start out to make my own game :P

1. When I have created my Ca3D game, Do my game then need Ca3D or do I actually create a Standalone game?

2. I am familiar with HL/UT making (mapping), would it be easily possible for me to create own games?
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Post by Carsten » 2006-03-06, 15:34

Hi Mike,
welcome to the Ca3DE forums. :)

About 1: Yes, you'll need the Ca3DE.exe file to run the game.
About 2: Yes, the "Ca3DE World Editor" CaWE is intentionally very similar to WorldCraft / Hammer for HL1 and HL2, so that the transition should be pretty easy.
Best regards,
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Post by Kai » 2006-03-06, 15:46

Hi and welcome ;)

Before i answer your questions make sure to use use the correct terminus ! I think you mean "mod" or "modification" instead of "game", since this can be a bit confusing..
Ca3D is the engine, the core to control/render and manage all the content you can create.

Custom made content can be used through the "mod" ability, similiar to other (comercial) engines, but here you have a really direct support to the developer :)

1. Yes and no
If you use the basic free license, you can create a mod which of course requires all basic ca3D files but your content will be present in the mod folder. So its not standalone.
Anyway for real developer who need absolute control of all, and want the scource code of the engine , there is an option to get the comercial license.
With this you can do what you want, and this also includes to create a standalone version if you are able to do ;)

2. Again the term "game" is very wide. You can not create "games" with UT or HL but "mods", since you only change very aspects of the original games !
If you are familiar with mapping then you will have no problems with Ca3D, since the world editor is based on the Hl Editor"hammer" workflow.
Creating maps is somehow different to creating an entire mod ;)

We always like to hear from other people who have ideas or improvements to tell !
Currently the developer team is focusing on a techdemo. This process will give us a good overview of the entire workflow from planing a mod up to the end. So we can find and fix flaws and add ne features or improve current ones.
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