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Got a problem

Posted: 2006-03-06, 14:36
by Mike JezZ
Hi, I got a little problem here..

I cant do anything in CAWE?

All the icons are grey, so I cant place cubes and such...

Why not?

Posted: 2006-03-06, 15:35
by Carsten

Posted: 2006-03-06, 16:44
by Thrawn
File -> New
creates a new map and all the windows + all buttons work.

Posted: 2006-03-06, 20:53
by Mike JezZ
Yes Carsten, I have read the tut,

and yes, I am using file -> New

Posted: 2006-03-06, 23:03
by Carsten
Mike, I need a lot more details in order to have a chance to help you, as you're the first ever having such a problem, and without details I can hardly guess.
Please describe everything as specific as possible. For example:
What OS do you have, how much RAM, what graphics card, what else do you see in the CaWE window (could you make a screenshot please?), can you resize the CaWE window or select any menu items after File->New, does File->Open instead of File->New work, which version of CaWE do you have (see Help->About), etc...