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Layout Textures for CA3DE

Posted: 2006-04-20, 23:28
by Sindwiller
In order to make CAWE and CA3DE more Mapper friendly, i decided to take some layout textures and put them exclusively online, for CA3DE. Well, that doesnt mean that i made the textures... But its :coolp: and :demo: .

I have extracted the Q3-Layout Textures of ReFlex, added them to the textures, added an own Model Layout and writed materials. So here is a screenshot: ... nie9lj.jpg



Wfr, Sindwiller

Posted: 2006-04-20, 23:37
by Kai
Yes please ask before you put things online !
These layout textures can be done easily by yourself or anyone else i think.
I got my own set somewhere on the HD, but im to lazy to use them , since im no leveldesigner XD

Posted: 2006-04-20, 23:46
by Thrawn
The idea with these textures is indeed very good but as Kai mentioned, the question is if this is a copyright violation ;)

Posted: 2006-04-21, 10:16
by Sindwiller
Ive asked ReFlex about the textures and he gave me permissions to put them online! Have fun!

Credits are in ReadMe or on German "LiesMich".

Wfr, Sindwiller

Posted: 2006-04-21, 11:34
by ReFlex
Hi there!
Sorry me, I´m not very good in english... =)

These textures are free to all mappers how need it, and im proud to see it in the Ca3D-Engine!

Posted: 2006-04-21, 11:49
by Kai
Hi Reflex and welcome to Ca3D.

We always like people who share their work or knowledge no matter what, thats our policy.
Im sure Carsten will put in the download section on a second space :)

Es ist übrigens nicht verboten hier auch mal auf deutsch was zu posten, wenns mal zu kompliziert wird. Bevorzugt wird nur deshalb Englisch, weil doch viele User international agieren. Es gibt auch genug Leute die den Text dann für andere ins Englische übesetzten (Probleme, Tips, etc) Ansonsten bietet sich auch der direkte Mailkontakt an, da kann man natürlich immer so schreiben ;)

Posted: 2006-04-21, 11:57
by ReFlex
"Anmeldungsdatum: 16.09.2004"

Bin schon länger hier, nur gepostet hab ich nix. ^^