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CaWE improvement thread

Posted: 2006-04-25, 15:11
by Thrawn
Hi all,

as we discussed yesterday in #ca3de, we want CaWE to be able to compile maps.

To Carsten and me, the approach I used in my GUI tools seems to be a good approach to handle this (bat-files that do compile in combination with txt files that needed for the input).

I prepared a suggestion for the integration, more complex onces might follow.

As an important part in map making, the map compiler deserves a palce in the menu bar on the left side. A compiler button could replace the senseless camera button!

This would look somehow like this ( I know it looks crappy^^):


This button could launch a small window that could look like this (looks even mor like crap):


As you can see, I reduced it to the core features. To my mind, 95% of the users won't change the compile parameters anyways and for those who do -> they can change the bat files. Eventually we could integrate a help button in this window that links to a wiki page including these informations.

Ok so we kept it simple, now let's look at it. On the left, there's the Run group, there you can mark which programs you want to run, so if you mark all three, the map gets fully compiled. I saw this working in another map compiler, if Carsten can't do this, buttons or radio buttons should also do the job!

Well CaPVS and CaLight speak for themselves, don't they? ;) I put "Fast" at top, because most map compiles are for testing purposes, so mostly the quick options are chosed.

This design approach has 2 weak points:

1. You can't decide which map you want to compile so you would have to load a map to compile it.

2.Advanced users can't tweak the settings, but as I said, the big majority doesn't do that anyways.. But of course we could add some parameters like the one defining if the compile window closes after it has finished work or not...


Tell me what you think. Suggestions for the other tools will follow :)

Posted: 2006-04-25, 16:15
by Carsten
Hi Thrawn,
I agree with the general drift, but I don't think that the compile button should be in the left toolbar, because it logically doesn't fit there at all (right among all the other object-related tools).
1. You can't decide which map you want to compile so you would have to load a map to compile it.
I don't think that that ever is a problem - whatever you do, you do it to the currently loaded map. CaWE just doesn't work without a map loaded, and for every desire to compile a map in a way that is not covered by CaWE, there are still the command line tools... ;)

Posted: 2006-04-25, 19:07
by Sindwiller
Hi Thrawn!

Thats a good idea, but i didnt think that the Camera Button is unnecessary. I use the Camera for basic orientation when i start mapping. Its a must-have tool in big maps.

Wfr, Sindwiller

Posted: 2006-04-25, 19:50
by Thrawn
In this case it has to be included under the menu point Tools :)

Posted: 2006-04-26, 00:35
by Kai
Of course the camera button will not be removed without modifying the 3D navigation.
To choose between "modify" (move, scale rotate) and "3D Cam navigate" is completly outdated.

I wonder why someone would need to compile a map that is NOT loaded in the editor ?? You always tweak the level and compile , tweak again and so on ...
And you can still use the command line version ;)
I would suggest to put the compile command inside a meanu or place it somewhere in the upper bar.
The toolbar should only contain tools :roll:

I already startet an improvement paper, but it will take some time to finish it ;)

Posted: 2006-04-26, 10:03
by Sindwiller
A "Advanced" Toolbar with command line options like -stopUE etc. would be useful.

Wfr, Sindwiller

Posted: 2006-05-09, 14:38
by Sindwiller
My Wishlist

Priority "High" {
- Collision for Static Models
- Bloom
- Parallax Mapping (nothing new, i know)
- Faster CaLight
- Fire
- Automatic Decals

Priority "Low" {
- Dynamic Objects
- Spotlights
- Flashlight

Priority "High" {
- Working Carving
- More stable vertex manipulation
- Automatic Saving

Wfr, Sindwiller