How about Ca-Tools with SMP-Support?

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How about Ca-Tools with SMP-Support?

Post by Sindwiller » 2006-06-04, 20:02

Hello everyone!

Ive just tested around with GTKRadiant and Q3Map2 a bit and noticed that Q3Map2 has the possibility to run on multiple threads. That means that it can work with multiple cores and processors.

If the Ca-Tools have SMP-Support, they would be extremely efficient. Also, im thinking about to buy a new computer with a Opteron 275 :D

Wfr, Sindwiller
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Post by Carsten » 2006-06-05, 10:15

Well, parallelization might certainly buy something, but it's one of the features that don't introduce anything new (old features are sometimes made faster, but no new features are introduced).
Besides that, running any program on n processors makes the program faster only by a factor of less than n, so I think that more performance can be gained by improving the algorithms.
Therefore, while parallelization is on my to-do list, it has currently no high priority.
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