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Complete newbie at 3D design, how do I...

Posted: 2007-04-12, 02:08
by Sgt. Sparky
Newbie questions:

how do I: 1. Add an object(you can tell I'm a newbie at this)or set a place where the object is rendered.
2. Edit events for that object(or code that object into a class, or use a class to define that object.[whichever is easiest])
3. which program would I use to make 3D models?
where would I get that program?
what 3D models are supported with Ca3D,
and what language does is use?(C, C++, or what?)


Sgt. Sparky

Posted: 2007-04-12, 19:27
by scott
You use the level editor cawe to create levels, insert objects and adjust parameters etc.
Ca3de can import .ase models for static meshes and .MD5 for animation.
You might want to start with Blender since its free, although I'm not sure if it can export to those formats.
Ca3de is written in c++

Posted: 2007-04-12, 20:49
by Sgt. Sparky
thank you, :D
but what programming language does it use for scripting?
C++ or C??

like if I wanted to use key as a memory address for a key state
would I use:
or what?

I would also like to know weither you use an object/actor as a class or what if you want it to move.
I could program a game for this, I just need to know where I insert the code and what programming language it uses :)

Posted: 2007-04-12, 22:31
by Thrawn
Welcome to the forums!

Enity/map scripting is in the works, it will be featured in the next release. The programming language that will be used for scriping will be LUA. So you have to wait for the next release for enity scripting :/

When talking about the programming language that Ca3DE itself is written in, it's C++. You can have a look at the source code of the deathmatch mod that is included in the MDK for reference.

I also advice you to have a look at our WIKI. It might answer a lot of your questions!

Posted: 2007-04-12, 22:33
by Sgt. Sparky
Thanks! :D

I'm really confused about the 3D game making world.
its going to be a big adjustment from C to C++ and from 2D to 3D
but C++ is pretty much ansi C with a bit extra. :)

Posted: 2007-04-20, 05:44
by Carsten
Hi Sparky,

also from me a warm welcome to the Ca3DE forums! ;)
I believe that Scott and Thrawn have answered your questions thoroughly already, and I'd like to confirm that Lua scripting and a general revision of the Ca3DE game code (interfacing with the core engine) is under way. I'll soon be back home and then continue with scripting support full steam ahead, and release a new demo as soon as possible, certainly much sooner than the last. :up:

Posted: 2007-04-20, 05:49
by Sgt. Sparky
:D thanks, I am not going to be workin' with this program for a bit because of a Game I am making, and ironically it is supposed to look 3D because some custom functions I made :)
so as soon as I finish it I will try to move on to this. :D

Posted: 2007-05-19, 15:55
by laq2

im basically in the situation

what would help would be direct intructions

Posted: 2007-05-19, 17:08
by Carsten
lag2? What situation do you need instructions for?

Posted: 2007-05-20, 03:17
by laq2
starting a map

i try to replace the black dumbie stuff but i can bring anything in

Posted: 2007-05-20, 10:41
by Carsten
laq2 wrote:starting a map
Please see for a lot of information.
i try to replace the black dumbie stuff but i can bring anything in
lag2, I'm sorry, but you will have to state your questions in a lot more detailed and specific manner in order to get them answered. Please read e.g. for more information.

I don't know what "black dumbie" is.

Posted: 2007-05-20, 10:51
by Thrawn
Read this then this and then this. :wink:

Posted: 2007-05-20, 11:19
by laq2
the black map you start with