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Water Thread

Posted: 2007-06-03, 03:55
by Jojimbo
wow holy jumping galloping stallions batman,i tried to place some water following the wiki and my computer had a hissy fit.first two attempts were aborted due to time to compile,so i reduced the size to a small chunk and the pc seemed to reboot,then all sorts of hdd activity i closed the program down to find two calight.exe's running in the taskmanager and a steady 100% cpu usage for a period of time.
dont know what happened there but trinity has postponed swimming for now :lol:

Posted: 2007-06-03, 17:40
by Thrawn
  • [1]Create a brush for your water
    [2]Select as texture Techdemo/Ocean1 /use the filter in the texture tool and type in "ocean" in the input box next to "Filter:"
    [3]Cover the brush with the texture
    [4]Select the brush, select the tool with the "pyramid" on it in the menu to the left, on top of the 2d/3d windows a green bar will appear, in the right drop-down menu select "func_water" and thereafter press "Turn into (solid) enity type." . Crappy picture of what I mean.
I created example files for you to show water placement. Download

Water-map.cmap has to be placed into Ca3D-Engine\Games\DeathMatch\Maps , it is the mapping-editor file. is the compiled version that can be tested ingame, put it into Ca3D-Engine\Games\DeathMatch\Worlds . Good luck! I hope it helps.

Posted: 2007-06-06, 06:57
by Jojimbo
it did my problem was i had not covered all the brush with the ocean texture :oops: ca3d was attempting to use crate textures

Posted: 2007-06-06, 11:46
by Carsten
Beginning with the upcoming release, making water bodies will change a little from the current situation, because I removed some old, special-case code for water from CaBSP.
However, existing maps will continue to work mostly fine, so the change is largely backwards compatible. Moreover, I'll write an appropriate tutorial/documentation about making water soon, until then, please proceed along Thrawns explanation. :up: ;)