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Surface Props Tool greatly revised

Posted: 2008-01-25, 09:07
by Carsten
Hi all,

last night I finally finished the documentation about the much enhanced and revised "Surface Properties" tool of the CaWE editor.

The Surface Properties tool is now more powerful than before, both its documentation as well as its implementation is well and thoroughly defined. Above all, it can now be used with both brush faces as well as Bezier patches in natural yet still flexible manners.

Please refer to the tool documentation at The Surface Properties Tool.
There are still a few Image remarks in it, but they are all minor and I'll fix them soon.

The new tool is already included in the current 8.02-RC2 at and future releases.

A small side note: We're also revising the Entity/Object Properties dialog right now, replacing the currently half-broken one soon... ;-)

Re: Surface Props Tool greatly revised

Posted: 2008-01-25, 18:24
by Thrawn
:thanks: :groupwave2:

No words needed :D