How can i change the HUD

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How can i change the HUD

Post by bigjj13 » 2010-06-20, 11:06


I want to restyle the Head up Display, but I dont know how.

I tried it like this :

I edit

Code: Select all

but when i tried to load a map Cafu.exe didn't respond anymore.

Thank you for a fast answer.

BigJJ -- SG-O
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Re: How can i change the HUD

Post by Carsten » 2010-06-20, 16:58

Hi BigJJ,

well, you have the correct file, although it is a mystery to me what you did to it so that the entire Cafu.exe instance doesn't respond any more (or did you mean that just the HUD ceased to work?).

In any case, if the HUD fails to load, the related error message is printed to the game console (press F1 to open it, assuming that Cafu itself is responsive).

I've also just splitted the relatively old HUD.cgui file into two (please run svn update !), so that you can open and edit the HUD with the CaWE GUI Editor (use File -> Open...).

For more details, please see:
Best regards,
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