Lighting Terrain?

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Lighting Terrain?

Postby Drak » 2010-09-18, 15:11

I'm assuming the terrain isn't taken into account when the map compile tool(s) are executed. The terrain is always the same "brightness" or "color". Lights have no effect on them. Would this be difficult to implement? Instead of the pre-backed lighting from CaLight - would it would be easier to do it within the game engine itself? I was originally creating an outdoor (night-time) area, but I can't tone the light down for the terrain.
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Re: Lighting Terrain?

Postby bigjj13 » 2010-09-19, 12:01


you can change the colour of the terrain with different skys.

If you want to see the illuminated map you will have to run CALight when compiling.

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Re: Lighting Terrain?

Postby Kai » 2010-09-20, 13:48

You can also use external tools to bake in the light and color information into the texture.
Currently there is not yet a support for dynamic lights/shadows due to the nature of stencil shadows.

This would change when implementing shadowmaps is on the move. As far as i know its on the list but priority is set on on the world and model/shader editor so far.

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