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A forum about everything related to the Cafu World Editor CaWE: mapping, editing, scripting, making GUIs and fonts, using the BSP, PVS and Light compilers.
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CaWE > Hammer

Post by HWGuy » 2012-01-03, 15:25

CaWE is a lot easier and faster to use* with a more features compared to Hammer.
But there's one huge advantage, I've never seen it corrupt things on compile.
This simple looking piece of brush geometry was garbled up in hammer, but in Cafu, no problem.
Didn't port over the textures and retex the thing though, great that I can easily import VMFs so I can remake Source maps for Cafu easier.

*Only slow thing is the baked lighting(no multithreading), which can produce good results, but I'm going largely for reatime, baked only for things that'll never see daylight.

When Cafu's modernization is done I'll be having a lot of fun with it.
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Re: CaWE > Hammer

Post by Carsten » 2012-01-03, 20:40

Thanks for your feed-back, images are looking good! :-)

CaLight should indeed be parallelized, one of the many tasks to get done this year. :up:
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