2001-07-16 Details about the upcoming release

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2001-07-16 Details about the upcoming release

Post by Carsten » 2008-01-15, 13:36

Hooray! The summer semester is over now, finally giving me more time to spend on Ca3DE! During the semester, I worked on a number of small improvements to the Ca3D-Engine. Many ideas, previously incomplete, have now been incorporated.
This is also the reason why I did not post much in the way of news or updates over the past few months.

My plans are now as follows:

Soon (a few weeks down the track) there will be another update for Ca3DE. The executable will contain the improvements/changes/fixes that I worked on, but will be mostly technical and not visually identifiable. More importantly - there will be new maps (very good-looking maps, actually). More details later.

Following this, will come another update. This update will be huge (at least from the technical point of view): as I have already mentioned several times before, I am working on the new networking code. My goal is to make everything network-based: even the single-player demo version. Basic network functionality is already running, but it is not yet suitable for use in a standalone demo. As far as I can ascertain, the first fully networking-based demo will be available in late September.

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