2001-08-10 New demo released

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2001-08-10 New demo released

Post by Carsten » 2008-01-15, 13:38

As announced earlier, the new demo-version is online now: Brian Pereira and Christoph AEon Löwe (Christoph's site) were kind enough to let me use their maps with Ca3DE! As such, famous maps like AEonsCanyonTower and BPWxDay are available in the current release! I also worked on some of the older maps, so that the current version now comes with a total of nine maps: AEonsCanyonTower, AEonsCube, BigTest1, BPRockB, BPWxDay, DmBase, Fortress, JrBase1 and Keep!
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Many other artists have contributed in the form of artwork (sky domes and textures) to the current release of Ca3DE. The contributors total too many to be all listed here: please see the Thanks section or the readme.txt file for full credit information.

The only drawback, is that the size of the download package has now grown to more than 12 MB. I expect, however, that the updated Screen-shots will convince you that the new demo is well worth its size.

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