Debian (ubuntu) repository package (software) source...

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Debian (ubuntu) repository package (software) source...

Post by jiapei100 » 2010-01-29, 14:25

Hi, will Cafu afford a software source for Debian (Ubuntu) users to simply add the source address to APT, so that it might be easier for us to keep Cafu up-to-date?

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Re: Debian (ubuntu) repository package (software) source...

Post by Carsten » 2010-01-29, 16:37

Hi Jia,

yes, I'm considering (or in fact: planning) doing that. Right now we're finishing the changes to the web infrastructure that came in the course of making Cafu open-source, like setting up the bug tracker and the mailing lists, but as soon as everything has settled down a bit, providing Debian and Ubuntu packages is certainly one of the next steps!
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