Creating new Monster, decorative items, weapons and keys

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Re: Creating new Monster, decorative items, weapons and keys

Post by Carsten » 2010-09-24, 20:07

Scorphame wrote:Add keys for open doors in the game, make a key entity and use it in some doors (Maybe the action will be do with scripts)
Well, I'd make them analogous to ammo and other items: You pick them up by walking over them, and the kind and/or amount of keys picked up is recorded in the players inventory. Check the Cafu DeathMatch source code for examples for ammo and other items.

When the player then reaches a door, you'd have to check (using the doors entity attributes) whether the player has the key that is required to unlock the door.
Hey and We will use 1 of your maps (we will change the textures and we will modify the map) can we do that or not?
As I wrote per email, yes, you can do that. :cheesy:
other Thing... Is possible to make elevators?
Yes, see the small sample in the TestPatches.cmap (and related script that activates it), the elevator platform moves when you activate it in the nearby GUI, you can activate it when you are beside or on the platform.
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