Bug when working with new GUI.

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Bug when working with new GUI.

Post by SoulRider » 2014-08-18, 02:35

Hey Carsten.

I can create a new GUI in CaWE. I select create choice, and enter choices. When clicking into the selection number field, CaWE crashes with a send to windows error. This happens every time without fail.

Let me know of anything you need to try and diagnose the problem.
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Re: Bug when working with new GUI.

Post by Carsten » 2014-08-18, 11:36

Hi SoulRider,

I've just committed a fix for this (and another unrelated problem) to branch `master`, please pull.

Many thanks for reporting this! :thanks:

Btw., please note that Choice components require a Text component "above" them in the components list of a window, and that the choices themselves are not immediately rendered in the GUI Editor. You see them in the GUI Editor's "Live Preview", though.
Best regards,
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