Can't read world file, "Invalid file header..."

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Can't read world file, "Invalid file header..."

Post by JohnnyO » 2016-03-15, 01:12

Hi. I have successfully build the programs from source, using sources cloned March 13 ( yesterday ) from the repository. I am following the instructions "Getting Started with the Cafu Source Code" and I am running LMDE.

I've also downloaded the and From this point I am not so sure what I am doing here, but and have unzip each of them in the Games/DeathMatch/Textures and Games/DeathMatch/Worlds, respectfully. This Games directory I used is in the root of the source distribution, same as where the build directory is.

So now for example, Games/DeathMatch/Worlds contains both *.cw and *.jpg files for the worlds.

Now I start the engine with build/linux2/g++/release/Ca3DE/Cafu from the console. I get all this on the console:

Cafu Engine, Mar 13 2016
config.lua processed.
Warning: Failed to open ZIP archive Games/DeathMatch/Textures/
Registering archive "Games/DeathMatch/Textures/".

Scanning cwd for all available renderers...
Scanning Libs/build/linux2/g++/release/MaterialSystem for all available renderers...
Libs/build/linux2/g++/release/MaterialSystem/ ... SUCCESS - first supported renderer (Pref# 1000).
Libs/build/linux2/g++/release/MaterialSystem/ ... SUCCESS - but excluded from auto-selection (Pref# 1).
Libs/build/linux2/g++/release/MaterialSystem/ ... SUCCESS - higher preference renderer (Pref# 2200).
Libs/build/linux2/g++/release/MaterialSystem/ ... FAILED - renderer says it's not supported.
Libs/build/linux2/g++/release/MaterialSystem/ ... SUCCESS - but no higher preference (Pref# 2100).
Reloading previously auto-selected renderer Libs/build/linux2/g++/release/MaterialSystem/ ...

Scanning cwd for all available sound systems...
Scanning Libs/build/linux2/g++/release/SoundSystem for all available sound systems...
Libs/build/linux2/g++/release/SoundSystem/ ... SUCCESS - but excluded from auto-selection (Pref# 1).
Libs/build/linux2/g++/release/SoundSystem/ ... SUCCESS - first supported sound system (Pref# 1500).
Reloading previously auto-selected sound system Libs/build/linux2/g++/release/SoundSystem/ ...
Available OpenAL output devices:
1. ALSA Software [default]
2. OSS Software
Available OpenAL capture devices:
1. ALSA Capture on default [default]
2. ALSA Capture on HDA Intel PCH [ALC656 Analog] (hw:0,0)
3. ALSA Capture on HDA Intel PCH [ALC656 Alt Analog] (hw:0,2)
4. OSS Capture
Available OpenAL output devices with the ALC_ENUMERATE_ALL_EXT extension:
1. ALSA Software on default [default]
2. ALSA Software on HDA Intel PCH [ALC656 Analog] (hw:0,0)
3. OSS Software
Note: Illegal Audio-MPEG-Header 0xf88e50b8 at offset 0x384.
Note: Trying to resync...
Note: Skipped 113 bytes in input.

The dialog window appears, I can ask for a new game, I can see the maps to choose from, but I cannot load the map for some reason. On the console , I see this last error:

[string "changeLevel('AEonsCanyonTower');"]:1: Invalid file header. Not a Cafu world file.

Could I have done something wrong in the unzipping? I don't know. Thanks for your help.
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Re: Can't read world file, "Invalid file header..."

Post by Carsten » 2016-03-15, 18:29

Hi JohnnyO,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

You are probably doing everything right, the problem is very likely with the outdated file. I'll make a new one over the weekend.

In the meanwhile, please try this at the command line in the Cafu root directory:

Code: Select all

$ ./Games/DeathMatch/ Kidney
(the $ is part of the command prompt).
This will run the BSP, PVS and Radiosity computations for map “Kidney”.
(Be prepared that this may take a while, on my desktop system that is a couple of years old now it took 1:34 hours.)
When this finishes, you should be able to start map “Kidney” via the game menu.

You can find additional information at Compiling Maps for Cafu and Compiling Maps at the Command-Line.

Does this help?
Best regards,
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Re: Can't read world file, "Invalid file header..."

Post by JohnnyO » 2016-03-19, 07:59

Yes it solves my problem. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.

I think it's great stuff here. I am really pleased that it's quite easy to compile everything, no problems on my system.

Thanks for all the good work!

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