please help

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please help

Post by tripper1977 » 2007-12-03, 15:33

when i have done the tutorial when it comes to compile the map and run it

it seams to stop at this line and sayes Process 3056 ended normally with exit code 1.

and than all i get it wont run the map have i done something rong please help me thanks
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Post by Carsten » 2007-12-03, 17:18

Dear Tripper,
welcome to the Ca3DE forums! :cheesy:

Well, I need more information in order to help you: If you're using 7.07, please have a look at, step 6 (and 5) is really important here.

If you're using 7.12-RC1 from the "Initial Configuration" should not be necessary at all and CaWE should work out-of-the-box.

In general, what you're seeing is a bug in CaWE that occurs when the paths in step 6 of the Configure CaWE dialog are not right or the map was not saved in Games/DeathMatch/Maps (CaWE should properly an error in both cases instead of talking of normality).

Hope that helps. :up:
Best regards,
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