2006-04-24 New SDK released!

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2006-04-24 New SDK released!

Post by Carsten » 2008-01-15, 15:36

A new Ca3DE Software Development Kit has just been released!

Over the least few months, the Ca3DE development tools have undergone significant enhancements in many regards. As the upcoming Ca3DE TechDemo is under constant development, most improvements were triggered by daily work experiences. Moreover, many structural changes were made and many bugs fixed.

Here is a list of the most important changes (since the last official release):
  • Rewrote the "Model-View-Controller" implementation in CaWE for more robust and simpler code.
  • CaWE can now open HTML links in the default browser (used in the Help menu for documentation).
  • Speeded up 2D and 3D drawing performance in CaWE.
  • CaWE startup performance has been significantly improved!
  • Can import Doom3 maps into CaWE now.
  • Added a user-configurable auto-save feature to CaWE to milden the effects of a program crash.
  • Bezier Patches are now much better supported in CaWE.
  • Entirely rewrote the 3D math library that all Ca3DE-related programs use.
  • CaBSP was entirely revised - it's much faster now and deals much better with rounding errors.
  • Revised the .cw Ca3DE World File format.
  • The code for rendering md5 models has been fixed to handle all kinds of (mirror-)seams correctly!
  • I use Microsoft Visual C/C++ 2005 EE as the default project compiler now!
  • Revised CaLight so that it takes 32(!) times less memory for one of its fundamental data structures!
  • Switched to SCons as the default build system for all Ca3DE programs.
  • The meta materials of the Material System were revised.
  • Added early (not yet finished) support for Console Variables.
  • Bezier Patches can now have their numbers of subdivisions in horizontal and vertical direction explicitly specified.
  • Wrote new spin controls for CaWE (with floating-point support).
  • Rewrote the OpenGL window code, so that it is no separate DLL any more.
  • Addressed several severe linking problems under Linux.
  • OpenGL extensions are now better dealt with by the MatSys.
  • Numerous code design enhancements.
  • And hundreds of other improvements and fixes!
Enjoy! :)

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