Visual C++ 2008 compiler now supported

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Visual C++ 2008 compiler now supported

Post by Carsten » 2008-01-30, 11:53

The new Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 compiler is now supported for use with the entire Ca3DE codebase.


The free Express Edition of the compiler comes with all features that are required to build Ca3DE and all related programs and libraries. Moreover, Visual C++ 2008 is now bundled again with the Windows Platform SDK (unlike its predecessor Visual C++ 2005, which requires a separate package).

Therefore, installing and setting up an otherwise unprepared computer for Ca3DE development is now easier then ever. The official releases of Ca3DE will continue to ship with the Visual C++ 2005 (predecessor) compiler for a while, though, for which Ca3DE specific setup instructions are available in the Wiki.

The new compiler version is more standards compliant than its predecessors and compiles all Ca3DE code without any changes. Only the SCons related files with program and library build instructions were updated in order to account for the new compiler version.

In summary, that means that Ca3DE supports on Windows all of the Visual C++ 6, 8 (2005) and 9 (2008) compiler versions. Support for Visual C++ 7 (2003) is also possible on request. (Support for OpenWatcom is still available, but suspended until explicit developer request.)

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