Glass brushes

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Glass brushes

Post by cthoennes » 2012-09-19, 10:46


I have a problem here: In the wiki is written that it is possible to add a brush based entity named "func_wall" (The article was found here: ... ntityguide).
Now, the entity exists, but I cannot set any property allowing me to make it transparent.
How can I do that?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Glass brushes

Post by Carsten » 2012-09-20, 10:54


it seems like our docs are not up to date, thanks for pointing this out.
On the page you mentioned, I just deleted the section about "func_wall" brushes -- they're somewhat obsolete and should no longer be used.

Instead, effects like translucency and alpha-tests are properties that are inherent to materials, not to brushes. That is, if you want a regular brush to be of translucent glass, simply assign the proper material to it.

Also make sure that the 3D View Mode is "3D Full Mats", because "3D Edit Mats" uses a reduced edition of the materials that for example does not include translucency.

Also note that in the Material Browser, materials that have alpha-testing enabled are prefixed with an [A], materials that are blended (e.g. for translucency) are prefixed with a .

Also consider loading one of the example maps to inspect how the translucent brushes are made there.
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